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Be part of this first-time study abroad program sponsored by Black American Studies to visit Cairo, Egypt, to examine the ancient Egyptian ethical concept of Ma’at. Ma’at is an intellectually- and spiritually-based concept observed by some as a cultural model which could be adopted by Black America to address current socio-economic and moral challenges. Ma’at is typically characterized by “seven virtues”, which include: balance, harmony, righteousness, truth, reciprocity, order, and justice. Ma’at is popularly described in ancient Egyptian mythology and personified through such characters as Osiris, Nephthys, Anubis, Ma’at, and Ammet, among other central characters of this age-old tale.
This study abroad program has both lecture and field trip components. The lecture component consists of reading, writing, and discussion of relevant literature and other educational materials. Formal and informal lessons or stories of Ma’at, in its multiple forms, are inscribed throughout the pyramids, temples, tombs, museums, and other relevant sites in and around Cairo. Therefore the group will spend time traveling to these sites and collecting relevant data on the concept of Ma’at.
Students reside in double occupancy rooms in dormitories with meals provided. Whether you’re interested in Ma’at specifically, or a broader Egyptian-based experience, the winter session in Cairo, Egypt is your chance to experience and learn more deeply about ancient Egyptian concepts and their application to contemporary values and social challenges


Detailed Description on Programme Structure and requirements

Application for Travel Award- DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION September 1 Annually

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